Resilience Tips from a Guinness World Record Holder

We can all be masters of our craft. All we have to do is accept the sacrifices that come with it.

Michele Graglia, Author of Ultra Tweet

Michele Graglia, one of the most accomplished extreme athletes on the planet, took time out of his rigorous training schedule to talk with me about resilience – scroll down to see the video. Deep down I always wondered, do the resilience tools we hear about in all the books actually work? In talking with Michele, I found out that they do if you actually practice mindfulness, push through your cognitive limitations and allow yourself to live up to your potential.

Decisions change our destiny.

Michele Graglia, Guinness World Record Holder Tweet

Let’s get practical. How can we possibly relate to the guy who has won every ultra-marathon that he has ever been in? Well, he’s not just one of the most accomplished living athletes, he’s also a very real human being who has questioned his own existence. During his former life as an international model working for the top brands in the world, he met amazing people and he also started to live a life that he knew was not healthy, nor his true destiny. In the video, Michele shares the pivotal moment when he questioned his life as he stared at the sidewalk below him from the top of a New York building. It was in that moment that he decided to stop compromising, and rather, to live a life of fulfillment and passion. I’m thinking that many of us can relate to the feeling of despair and questioning everything. I am so grateful he chose to share that with me, and ultimately with all of you and we hope it helps someone out there.


You can transcend your circumstances and allow yourself to live the life you always envisioned.

Michele Graglia, 30x Ultra Event Champion Tweet

Michele Graglia is now a Guinness World Record holder for the fastest crossing of the Atacama Desert in Chile of 1000km! He is a multiple award-winning ultra-marathon runner, author of the book Ultra, fitness coach and inspriational speaker. FYI – Ultra-marathons are any distance longer than one marathon and he has run the equivalent of 7 marathons in a row! In fact, he has run 30 ultras to date and is the first person to win both the coldest and the hottest races on the Planet – having won the Yukon Arctic Ultra in – 40°C weather and the Badwater135, “the world’s toughest ultramarathon” through Death Valley at 130°F.


Here are some of the many results he’s achieved in case you weren’t impressed yet:


  • Gobi Desert (Mongolia, 2019): 1.100 miles / 1.700 km (23 days8.46)
  • Atacama Desert (Chile, 2018): 600 Miles / 1.000 km (8 days12:51)
  • Badwater135 (California, 2018): 1st Place (24hrs:51)
  • UltraMilano-Sanremo (Italy, 2014): 1st Place and Course Record (175 miles in 31hrs:49)

After speaking with Michele, I become much more aware of the manufactured limitations of my mind and highly motivated to see what more is possible. I hope it inspires you to follow your heart, to learn from mistakes, and to be in the now.

In case you don’t have an hour, feel free to check out the highlights of this episode:


  • 6:58 Michele’s kryptonite
  • 9:20 The journey of becoming
  • 3:59 His WHY
  • 16:43 Questioning his existence
  • 25:17 Lesson #1 in Resilience – Learning from failure
  • 31:08 Experiencing a lifetime in 24hrs
  • 36:54 Lesson #2 in Resilience – Be in the now
  • 43:11 Summary of Resilience Tips

To connect with him: @mickeygraglia.