“We have the privilege of working with Joanna Kirke, CEO KLI  as she leads 2 of our Leadership Programs targeted at two different levels. Both programs are 6 months long and are a combination of face-to-face and virtual sessions. 

Joanna helps us orchestrate and provide an engaging, thoughtful learning journey for our participants, while providing coaching sessions in-between workshops to further their understanding. Joanna has implemented and presented various methodologies to help facilitate conversations and has provided and applied assessments to show participants their strengths and areas of potential growth and development. 

The feedback has been resoundingly positive from participants and business partners. Joanna’s high energy approach, along with thorough understanding of leadership and facilitation has been a great fit for us and our participants.”

Kevin Tan – Senior Manager Learning and Development, Scotiabank 

“I can’t say enough about the job Joanna did in people coaching and development. She made a great impact in developing the team’s skills and careers, including inventing new programs that were later adopted elsewhere in our organization. I highly recommend her to any organization seeking to improve their leadership and teamwork.”

Richard Mathes – Executive, TD Bank

“Joanna is the ultimate professional who is committed to getting the job done. The participants in the program thought highly of her and were eternally grateful for the opportunities she provided to them. Anyone who has the opportunity to interact or work intimately with Joanna, will definitely learn from the best.”

Dauna Jones-Simmonds, BA – President at DEJS Consulting, Co-author of ‘100’, Accomplished Black Canadian Women (2016)

 “Joanna embodies an authenticity about her, that makes you want to pay attention, and participate! It is always nice to work with someone who so clearly enjoys what they do. If you are looking to strengthen team dynamics & improve your communication skills while telling a great story, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone better!”

Terry Streete Regional Director, NextGear Capital

“Joanna led and facilitated our multi-day leadership workshop. Her intentional creation of a safe and supportive space was very effective due to her authentic and genuine communication. I found her mindful intervention into our discussions and workshop exercises to be a real value-add.  Joanna’s facilitation and leadership style was every bit as educational and informative as the written material included in the workshop. 

Trevor  Cowan – IT Leader, Bell

“Joanna taught a bilingual workshop on Coaching to a group of us at Banque Laurentienne in Montreal. She challenged our thinking and coached us to adopt new best practices for helping our teams. Joanna’s engaging style, knowledge, and sense of humour make a 2 day session so enjoyable.”

Neil Le Grand – Senior Account Manager at Banque Laurentienne

“Joanna’s positivity and coaching style resonated with me in a profound way! I was a little lost as to the direction of my career and leadership, and I have taken a chunk of that back. Joanna taught me to do ME, and in the process she made me a better version of myself. If I could impact just one person in the world in such a way I would consider myself successful.”

Jonathon Ashton – Leader, United States Gypsum

“I had the pleasure of connecting with Joanna and seeing her in action as a coach, and was just so moved by her warm, empathetic presence. She is very client-oriented, making sure in her work that she is moving with clients where they most want to go, and yet effectively challenges them when they have an opportunity to reframe an unhelpful narrative. Her approach to the client relationship embraces both compassion and humor. She can bring in a wonderful lightness, and yet responds with empathy if her client experiences strong emotion. I am so impressed by Joanna’s commitment to professionalism as she supports her clients in meeting their goals. I am honored to have worked with her and would be delighted to do so again.”

Amy Kay Watson, M.Div., ACC – President

“Joanna is a positive, smart and insightful coach. She brings people to the places that they need to go by holding them in the highest regard and believing in them with unwavering support. Throughout the time she was my coach, She really challenged me to think differently about my journey while holding me tight with her unconditional belief.”

Barbara Pelly, SPHR ACC – President

“Joanna facilitated a change management simulation at our annual senior leadership retreat, which was the highlight of the event. Joanna took a lot of time in advance of the workshop to get to know our organizational vision, values and strategic goals, which she incorporated brilliantly into the post-simulation debrief. She was able to incorporate all of the leadership development work we had done the previous year into the change simulation, making it a meaningful and memorable experience. Joanna’s expertise in change management, coupled with her enthusiasm and professionalism made her a delight to work with!”

Amanda Pike, MEd, MSc – Director, Organizational & People Development at Sheridan College