Where to begin

Some of our most popular workshops

Leadership vs Management

There is a significant difference between Leadership & Management. We will learn what it takes to be an authentic, inclusive, and empowering leader.

Change & Resilience

We will learn a combination of tools for dealing with change and becoming more resilient. For Leaders, we also have a highly engaging simulation

Innovation & Design Thinking

Creativity & problem-solving can be learned through the practice of 6 habits. Learn more about this very cool simulation

Emotional Intelligence

Success depends on our ability to show up under stress. Learn more about the EQ-i 2.0 tool we use to deepen the learning.

Building Better Habits

It’s about practice every damn day till it becomes automatic
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Diversity & Inclusion

Unconscious bias is impacting your ability to lead inclusively. Learn more about the IDI tool we often use to quantify the results for your team.

Coaching & Feedback

Learn how to effectively coach and deliver feedback to optimize individual and team performance. Check out the GROW model

Team Building

There are multiple ways to create greater team collaboration and performance. We will work with you to design the best solution - indoor or outdoor. One of our favourites is using the DiSC tool